If you want everyone in the family to have more discipline, you need to establish open channels of communication. There should be a free exchange of ideas that are pertinent to the final goals. By communicating, family members can contribute better. Parents need encourage, appreciate and support younger members of the family. Parents need to have proper leadership if they want everyone to have more discipline. Parental roles should be tempered properly with flexibility, especially because problems will manifest in many situations. When communicating, there should be a provision for potential conflicts of ideas. There should be an opportunity for the whole family to evaluate any conflicting ideas. It is not possible to maintain proper discipline, if family members are still disagree about what they should do. There should be agreement about what goals that family should have.

Discipline can be achieved more easily if family members are fully committed to specific problems. It means that problems will be much easier to handle. In some situations, the nature of problems can change. A combination of discipline and agreement on what solutions to choose will ensure better results. As an example, it takes smooth flow of communication to come up with a plan of action. Discipline will be much more likely if everyone knows what plan of action to follow. Proper communication will allow family members to provide suggestions to one another. Discipline is easier to achieve when family members provide support. Each time someone receives a suggestion, encourage any comment to the suffusion. This will encourage an exchange of ideas. If there’s failure, good communication will ease disappointment, so it is important to write down your suggestion and ideas.

With good communication, you can make decisions more easily. You need to ask each family member to know how they feel after a decision is made. So, when a decision is ratified by parents and other family members, everyone will accept it. If everyone is agree, ensuring discipline will be easier to establish. There should be refreshments of ideas. Evaluation sessions don’t need to be fancy, as long as they end well. Family meetings should be an opportunity for people to work together. Obviously, parents should also listen to the younger members of the family. In some cases, children have ideas that can be implemented properly. Young people often have fresh views on everything and parents can always learn from them. Rule systems need to be clarified and discussed, so everyone will get the best benefits. Anytime there are changes, it is important to notify all family members about what’s going on.

Discipline is important, because eventually children will have a family on their own. They will set up a similar system and you can have a tradition of proven rule system that runs through the family. You need to approach everything from a positive perspective. When implementing rule systems and discipline in the family, mistakes will happen, although they are not intentional. In this situation, you shouldn’t criticize in a disrespectful manner.