Injuries on the job continue to be a problem in many areas of career fields. A variety of injuries and even death can occur as a result of the nature of operations done in the process of their everyday tasks. Here are 6 jobs that the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has found to have the highest rate of injury in the nation.

Truck Drivers

Truck drivers encounter many risks not only in the vehicle’s operation but also in related tasks such as lifting, loading, packing and securing the materials. These risks can result in back injuries, arm and shoulder injuries, falls, head injuries from walking into protruding materials and vehicle accidents.

Fishing Industry Workers

The fishing industry has a reputation for being one of the most hazardous areas of employment. Working with specialized equipment often in inclement weather can lead to a variety of injuries, as well as dangers from overexertion, lightning strikes, and other hazards. Even seafood processing involves a variety of risks regarding injuries from machinery, musculoskeletal strains, and noise hazards.

Construction Workers

Building and remodeling tasks involve a wide variety of risks that can include muscle sprains, falls, cuts, crushing injuries and vehicle accidents. Roofers risk falls and material hazards. Electricians working on sites may encounter a variety of conditions that can lead to injury. Disputes about compensation and liability are common and often require the advice of a workers comp attorney to achieve full coverage of medical care and wage reimbursement.

Agricultural Workers

Farmworkers of all types use a variety of equipment that presents hazards to their safety and, sometimes, their lives. Vehicle turnovers, clothing or extremities pulled into moving parts of machinery, electrical shocks, chemical exposure, and heatstroke are just a few of the hazards farmworkers face on a daily basis.

Grounds Maintenance Workers

Individuals who are involved in landscaping and lawn maintenance activities work with equipment that can cause serious injuries, such as clippers, saws, axes and the mowers themselves, which can malfunction. Falls can occur when working on ladders to trim high branches, and cuts, back sprains, and shoulder injuries are a common problem.

Law Enforcement Personnel

Law enforcement has traditionally been a high-risk area for injury and death, due to the nature of the work. Officers may encounter a wide variety of situations that can escalate to a life-threatening level. Even detectives and community service officers may experience injuries on the job.

Many of these fields of work involve a high degree of personal satisfaction, which continues to motivate people to enter these areas, regardless of the risks involved. Increasing the focus on safety training, techniques and equipment can help to reduce the rate of injury in these jobs, although it may not completely eliminate the inherent risks of the work.