When you are a youngster, all you want is a powerful supercar, so you can go on a journey at any time. Moreover, car hire for under 21 year olds makes it possible to pick up a car anywhere, even for young drivers.

However, the reality is often much simpler: if parents agree to buy a car, then it becomes either a compact Volkswagen Golf, or an old-fashioned but fairly safe Ford Fusion. But is there a compromise? Is the only fate that a youngster can expect is driving an ugly car? Fortunately, it’s not so!

Check out five cars that can satisfy both parents’ safety concerns and the desire of young drivers to have a stylish car…

Mazda 6

It has excellent fuel economy as for the mid-size car. Since young people like to travel, this criterion very much influences the choice. All Mazda 6 vehicles come with an anti-lock braking system, front seat and side windows airbags. Unfortunately, the electronic stabilization control system is available only in the most expensive versions of the model.

Of course, during trips, parents can sleep well, because the Mazda 6 has one of the highest safety performances in its class.


Ford Focus

The low cost and ease of handling of the Ford Focus are not the only advantages of a car: the model includes an innovative SYNC system that allows you to control your iPod or mobile phone by using voice commands. This allows you not to be distracted by reading SMS messages and other functions of mobile phones while driving.

In addition, even in the basic version, Ford Focus is equipped with a complete set of airbags, and for a fairly small amount you can purchase a number of additional options, including an electronic control stabilization system and an anti-lock braking system.


Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza is one of the few all-wheel drive cars presented in this list. This is a very important driver safety option, providing the car with maximum grip on the road, even in difficult weather conditions. In the new cars the all-wheel drive was accompanied by the electronic stabilization control system, included in the basic equipment of the car.

Of course, these two options will not replace a careful driving, but they significantly reduce the risk of losing control of the car to an inexperienced young driver in difficult traffic conditions. Impreza shouldn’t be confused with the WRX STI and 2.5 GT – these fast, high-performance cars are designed for more experienced drivers.


Chrysler 200

The Chrysler 200 is another fashionable car with high safety ratings. Chrysler 200 has one of the most advanced infotainment systems, and is proudly considered to be the best in its class. The luggage compartment is very large, as for a standard sedan. This is another advantage if you and your friends want to go on a trip.

Being a very practical, easy to drive and economical car in terms of fuel consumption, Chrysler provides a complete safety system for the driver and passengers – six airbags, an anti-lock braking system, and a body designed to minimize the risks to the driver’s life when colliding with heavier vehicle. Additional options include electronic control stabilization system and GPS-navigator required for an inexperienced driver.


Hyundai Elantra

Elantra is supposedly an enlarged compact car. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has placed the car in the middle class. The car’s navigation system is very easy to use, and the car itself has the highest rating in terms of safety. Elantra has a fairly low price in its class, so it will save additional money for entertainment options.


Honda Insight

Car accidents is one of the most common causes of death of teenagers on the roads, so Honda Insight is preferred for inexperienced drivers who choose low speed and ease of management.

Being one of the best hybrids in the modern automotive market, Honda Insight is very economical in terms of fuel consumption, as safe as possible for the driver and practical enough. In addition, Honda Insight is among the cheapest hybrids: the cost of the model, depending on the configuration varies between $20,000 and $22,000.


Kia Forte

Kia Forte is not only a quite cheap car, but also one of the best models ever produced by Kia. Young drivers will certainly appreciate the style and spacious Kia Forte salon, and their parents – six airbags, anti-lock braking system and electronic stabilization control, included in the basic equipment.

The exceptional ease of management has made Kia Forte one of the most convenient vehicles for young drivers. The cost of the model starts from $14,500, and a car with an automatic transmission will cost less than $17,500, which is much cheaper than the price of the other car brands providing similar technical characteristics.