All people have own color preferences. It’s about all spheres of your life. You pick the color for your wallpapers, clothes, hair color. Buying a new car or picking the car for rent, you pay attention to its size, brand, price, and color. All major USA states have different color preferences in the vehicle market. Thus, Californian people prefer cars of grey color. Renting car from Enterprise car rental on Babcock Blvd in Pittsburgh, you will be surprised by variety of metallic and brown tones. In general, there are three overall colors that American people prefer most of all. They are silver, white, and black. Let’s see how it goes in percentage terms.

Jeep Cherokee




Red color is the most preferable in the North America. People from Mexico really go crazy about red cars. Speaking about Europeans, only 6% of them are ready to drive a red vehicle. Asian people prefer blue to red. Actually, blues are getting popular in Europe and Asia. Red is considered to be aggressive and impulsive color. If you pick a red car, you must be ambitious, and get a maximum from your life.


People like gray color very much. Silver cars and gray cars are always on the top in America and Europe. This color is especially good for crossovers, SUVs, and trucks. Of course, there are American states where people prefer greens and blues to gray. Also, people like metallic colors which are referred to grays. What can you say about a gray car owner? They are sober and extremely natural. The person who chooses a gray car must be practical and pragmatic. These cars are good for business trips and trips for long distances.

1948 Chevy Fleetline



Americans do love silver cars. They can be different colors and tones from beige to dark silver. Traditionally, European and North American cars are silver. This is a color of crossovers because they are good for roadless grounds and no one can say for sure if your car is dirty or not. Also, silver is a color of sport and luxury cars. Of course, people, who prefer silver cars to others, are often cool and strict. They always want more than they get. Gray is not enough, they want gold and silver. Sure enough, gray with metallic looks more stylish and prestigious. If you are in business, you look like you are not satisfied with what you have and always want more.


Do you like black? Of course, most of people prefer classic black to all other colors. This is a color of luxury. If you don’t know what color suits you the most, take a black car. This is a second popular color in many countries of the world. Whenever you go, America, Asia or Europe, black comes first. Nevertheless, Asian countries like both, white and black cars. Europeans like black like nobody else. If you like black, nobody can say that you are a lighthearted person. This is not a kind of person you can manipulate. These people are elegant and prefer classic to modern. It’s about the way they look, dress, and about the color of their car. These people don’t think long on what to wear. They wear black. Black color looks impressive and self-important.




Speaking about white cars, we can say about minimalism. Of course, white cars are not the best or the brightest, but they always look like a blank paper. Many people pick white cars for business, family, everyday activities. White is the best color for huge cars, trucks, vans, minivans, SUVs. Most of the popular trailers people rent for traveling are white. White cars are popular in America and Europe. Asian countries prefer silver to white. So, you want to buy a white car. Does it mean anything special? Of course, white color is a color of pureness. If you have a white color you like pureness, honesty. You will never fool someone in business and true with yourself. These people are reliable partners. They like everything is clear and clean.

To conclude, people do love white cars the most! But it’s up to you! Sometimes, you try to think practical and pick the car you don’t have to wash often. Also, you can choose a car of a popular color to look modern or serious. Actually, the choice of car colors often reflects the trends and traditions of our society. New innovative prints and technologies appear. People like greens, blues, browns. But, there are 5 colors that are always on the top. Each of them has a wide variety of tones and variations you may use. But remember, the color of your car can tell about your character and preferences, except when you have to pick what is left. Be wise and think big.