Honey bees, the species on which the whole planet relies either in the form of tasty dripping honey or the pollination of plants for the environment. The benefits go on for pages and never will come to an end, but here we are to highlight the part of it which stings. Bees can be deadly and very aggressive in nature when threatened, an example can be the Africanized bees recorded o have caused over 1000 human deaths, horses and other animals have fallen to the mighty stings of these. Its times like these when the honey bee removal companies in Rancho Bernardo CA and other places come in to play.

Generally, bees can be calm in nature as in posing no threat to the passersby but in other cases, they can get aggressive to an extent to limit the traffic around them, which is when a professional bee removal company must be contacted. Professional honey bee removal companies adopt certain ways to eliminate or replace the honey bees on your property. 

Honey Bee Removal Methods

There are many types of ways but can be subcategorized under two main headings that are
1) Live Honey Bee Removal and
2) Bee Removal via elimination.

  • Live Honey Bee Removal

There are three ways of the live removal of bees of a property, the first being the removal without pesticides. In this way the bees are captured into a vacuum alive and not necessarily a guarantee for no harm done to them as it is not humane to cluster a bunch of bees in a container, technically it is correct but most bees die during the process. Second is removal and relocation, it ensures the safe relocation of bees to a secondary habitat but also doesn’t guarantee the provision of food and water due to which most die again. The third form of relocation with care is the best and what we always strive for but don’t always end up getting. It is the safe live relocation with care provided in the shape of food and water at least bi-weekly.

  • Bee Removal By Elimination

Bee removal by elimination is process adopted when 

  1. Bees are in an inaccessible place
  2. Bees are Africanized
  3. It is too difficult to remove the bees alive

Honey bee and swarm removal services providers elaborate that there are times when bees are in places impossible to gain access to like deep within a tree root, inside a signboard or under concrete slabs and boulders where alive removal is not practically possible at all. The second elimination method is adopted when bees are Africanized (the crossbreed of certain bee species to enhance honey production but actually broke free and colonized the southern part of America), Africanized bees pose the greatest threat with an average bite 10 times higher than European bees. The last method is adopted when the bees have settled their hive in areas where live relocation is almost impossible to perform like crawlspaces, it is impossible for a bee removal expert to reach there while wearing the protective suit.

All the different types of bee removals depend mostly on what type of bee problem you are having but if it is possible for the live relocation and care of the bees then that is the best way to proceed.