Do you own an apartment, but lack the possibility to own a garden? Well, worry not as now you can easily turn your little abode into a wonderful place by plating the ornamental foliage plants. There are many online shops that sell the foliage plants, and these are available in various categories, from small potted plants, creepers, and vines. You can have a garden in your backyard with a Shed or in your Garages where you can plant your indoor garden. There is no denial of the fact that a greener surrounding gives us tranquillity, happiness & inner peace, and in this way, homeowners also get the opportunity to contribute something to the ecosystem, through a re-balancing act.

If your love for nature is wheedling you to go ahead and put some effort to grow indoor plants beautifully, you should first know about the benefits they offer, apart from enhancing the look of your interior décor. 

Natural air freshener

Did you think that the chemicals we use in the form of artificial air fresheners with the conception of purifying indoor air are ideal? Well, these products are nothing but harmful in the long run. According to some reports released by some organizations, it is proven that the foliage houseplants act as effective and non-toxic, natural air filters, that removes out as much as 87% of indoor pollutants within just 24 hours.

Helps to elevate mood

Depression and stress are two new entrants in our daily lives, and this often takes a toll on our wellbeing. Apart from the basic air-purifying qualities, the indoor plants also help to act as stress boosters and elevate our moods. The peace and tranquillity that they surround us with is exceptionally amazing and also imbibes a freshness of mind. To be in a serene state of mind, green houseplants are necessary.

Good health is ensured

Researches show that indoor plants have lessened cold-related illnesses by more than 30%, and this has been due to their quality of reducing dust and upgrading the humidity levels of the interiors. They prevent a number of allergies, prevent headaches or severe migraines, and mental health is definitely improved.

Replace artificial humidifiers with them

Are you contemplating to invest in an artificial humidifier for your home? Instead of wasting money there, go for indoor plants and try out the particular type of indoor plants that act as natural humidifiers. They have the ability to soften the air naturally.

Get rid of sleep issues and insomnia

Our day to day activities and stress cause sleep disorders and even insomnia. If you don’t want to risk your health by the intake of sleeping pills, you can always try planting the indoor foliage of a good plant. Even doctors recommend them as they actually increase your quality of sleep, helping you to have a deep, effective, and peaceful sleep.

Better focus

Did you know that the indoor or outdoor foliage plants for your apartment can make you more focused and boost your power of memory too? Several studies have been conducted in this field and it has been concluded that people with indoor plants have better attention to details and more concentration power.

The author of this article is a passionate nature lover and encourages people to stay close to mother earth in different ways. In this write-up, he throws light on having foliage plants at one’s place that can be bought online

Increased concentration

A study finds that gardening can increase in concentration levels and attention. That is a serious figure. There additionally appeared to be a higher participation rate in homerooms that had plants contrasted with those which didn’t have any. This outcome was likewise supported by an investigation led in the American Horticultural Therapy Association — a checked improvement in concentration levels was seen in homerooms with houseplants generally with certain leaf hues and examples.

Gardening can relieve stress

Moving your body is good for your mental health. Gardening, specifically, can help you manage stress and mental health too. A research review gathered evidence from many studies showing that gardeners had less stress, anxiety, and depression.

Health Benefits 

Households and workspaces developing indoor plants are found to raise oxygen levels, decrease indoor poison levels, and increment stickiness levels. Recall indoor poisons can raise the danger of the event of Stroke, Ischaemic coronary illness, interminable obstructive aspiratory ailment, cellular breakdown in the lungs, and kid respiratory contaminations; actually, they toss out up to 87% of poisons each and every day, as studies by NASA demonstrate. The Washington State University likewise proves the way that inside plants decrease the measure of residue particles suspended noticeable all around by in any event 20%

Gardening helps you eat your greens

When your next snack is growing in the backyard, it becomes easier to eat fresh fruit, herbs, and vegetables. Growing vegetables yourself also lets you pick them at the perfect time. Ripe vegetables may have more nutrients than those pale tomatoes from your supermarket.

Gardening can help you make new friends

Community gardening is thriving. Carving out your own little patch of land in a community plot helps you meet other gardeners. Having an active social life is great for your mental health. Some doctors have even started prescribing social activities, including gardening, for depression and anxiety. “We know that activities that have both a social and physical component to them tend to have stronger effects on cognition,” Thomas says. While you may not be able to enjoy the social benefits of gardening during social distancing, it’s something to look forward to later.

Gardening is exercise

According to the Centres for Disease Control, light gardening or yard work burns about 330 calories an hour. That’s about as much as dancing and more than walking. Gardening can help you get your heart rate up through movement. That lowers your risk of obesity and many related problems, like heart disease.

Exercise needs to be more physical work than you normally do to be effective, Thomas says. Make sure that what you’re doing in the garden is enough physical activity to challenge yourself.

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