University graduates continue to be the most demanded candidates by companies in their job offers. In the past year, 42.2% of the offers include in their requirements that the candidate has, at least, a university degree. And it is that currently have a university degree is “a labour advantage” as reflected by the INE data: the unemployment rate of people with higher qualifications is 11.36% compared to 16.83% of those who only have finished ESO.

And before this data, what to study and where? The Degree in Business Administration and Management is the career that offers the most professional opportunities in our country. According to the study cited above, 4.5% of job offers published refer to this degree. “This has been the case for several years,” the authors of the report comment.

Finding the right university in the USA that best suits your requirements is an important task, with the search tool and the authorized counsellors in the country. When choosing the right university there are many different factors that you should consider. Our goal is to help you find the universities in the United States that best suit your academic record, your educational goals and your personal achievements. We will help you obtain conditional admission before leaving your country of residence. The ELS conditional admissions network is comprised of 600 colleges and universities throughout the United States. Only ELS offers you so much variety when choosing where to continue your education.

You can apply for admission to a US college or university, and each institution will apply a different level of eligibility and entry standards. The American institutions are of diversity without equal requirements. Universities may be public or private in the United States, and have student populations, different types of degrees, costs and locations. Find out about the  types of degrees , and the  types of institutions that best meet your needs.


There is no official list of 10, 20, 50, or even of the 100 best universities in the United States, and the US government does not rate universities either. Every year several magazines and guides are published that contain subjective “classifications” of different high schools. These unofficial classifications can divide universities and colleges into different categories, depending on their location or area of ​​study (for example, engineering, computing or business administration). They can also be divided into “regional” or “national” categories. In some classifications, academic standards and general reputation are not always the key factors taken into account.

If you are a student and will use these classifications to find the right university in the USA, be sure to check what criteria have been used to establish the ranking order and compare them with your personal learning objectives.

The published classifications, despite being unofficial, are a good starting point to find your ideal institution. The student experience consists of intangible experiences that mere figures cannot reflect. A classification index is just one of several tools that help you find the school that best meets your academic and social needs. Among the most popular rating indices in the United States are: “Best Colleges” by US News & World Report, Fiske Guide to Colleges, Barron’s and Peterson’s.

The IT specialists will also be one of the most sought after professional profiles. The increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence in different areas of society, such as leisure or home, has encouraged companies to look for skilled workers in this area, which will require at least three years of experience, level of high English and geographic mobility.The most important campuses to study Computer Science are public. At the head, the some US universities endorsed in national and international rankings as the best university in US. And another engineering to close the first three positions: Industrial Engineering. A degree highly demanded by companies seeking university graduates to incorporate their staff. Attending to the cut notes -the last one that the student who had attended the studies last year- and several reference studies, several Polytechnic institutes stand as the best campuses to carry out these studies.


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