Many students are struggling to develop the right kind of study habit. If this is your situation, you may consider implementing these techniques:

  • Regular revisions: During learning process, it is important to make sure that you do continuous revision, so you can gain deeper understanding of a subject. When you are studying, you should make sure that it’s not rushed and superficial. You can be tempted to cram as much information as possible. However, this won’t give you the right understanding of the subject.
  • Be systematic: Before the start of the semester, you should start organizing the study schedule.
  • User variations of techniques: Other than making summaries, you should also use various strategies to make sure that you do well. It is a good thing if you can draw up schemes that show the relationships between different concepts. You should also discuss with classmates to better understand some of the difficult concepts.
  • Use relationship techniques: Just memorizing things directly would be quite difficult. You should seek to find proper relationships between different subjects, such as their differences and similarities. Understanding about the relationship of everything can give you a definite advantage during an exam.
  • Practice with previous exam papers: It should be quite easy to obtain copies of earlier exams and you should do this to help you during the learning process. Previous exam papers can be used to simulate what will happen during the actual exam day. You should try to complete previous exams at a specific amount of time. These exam papers should come with all the correct answers. After completing a simulation, you can check your answers. You will obviously make mistakes here and there. Learning from your mistakes is an important of the learning process and you can do well in future exams.
  • Attend lectures: You should pay attention to lectures and never miss a class, if possible. Each class is essential for your educational performance.
  • Be organized: There are many different things that you can do if you want to be more organized. As an example, you should decide what to study, such as how many pages or problems each day. Once you define this, you should stick to the deadline. It is a good idea if you can do difficult tasks first. If you have a serious problem with procrastination, then you should start with the most interesting aspect of the subject. You should set up a special place where you can study comfortably. Take into consideration various factors, such temperature, lighting, noise and others. It is a good idea to study for 50 minutes and have ten minutes break. You can stretch, do light exercise, lie down for a while and drink a glass of water. Eventually, you can get bored or tired, so it is a good idea for you to switch activity and tasks. If you believe that you are no longer productive, then stop studying immediately. Studying with friends should also be a good opportunity for you to gain many results with your study progress.