Things can be quite challenging when you have an addict in the family. This situation can be a source of conflict within the family. Here are things you should do when a family member is affected by addiction problem.

  1. Never call him/her as an addict: Any person who has addiction problem knows that their situation isn’t good. Being called as an addict will ruin their dignity and self-worth. If you want a family member to recover, call him/her by the given birth-name or any name that signifies love or compassion. In fact, when you call him/her with good names, it is a reminder about bad things that are happening. They remain knowledgeable about things that happen around them.
  2. Teach him/her how to live properly again: Someone who has an addiction problem knows that the situation is far from being ideal. Addiction requires therapy sessions and it could lead to potential debilitating illness. People who have addiction don’t recognize time and their money is spent mostly just one thing. Financial problems become a real issue, because addiction could cause lost productivity or the lost of job. Hygiene is neglected, significantly reducing their quality of life. Retraining is needed to ensure that people with addiction can regain their good quality of life. Any small things that you do should be intended to bring about change. You shouldn’t make the house feels like a guarded treatment facility. People who have addiction should consider their home as a place where they can find peace and comfort. It’s not a good situation if family member with addiction problem leaves home often, because they are not feeling comfortable. People with addiction should be taught how to respect money. They often have financial issues due to their inability to work properly. They should also know how to properly manage time.
  3. Be flexible with time management: People who have addiction problems are often unable to gauge the time easily. Clean living requires proper management of time, but this is an ongoing process. Time management is an indicator of success and make sure that people who have addiction can steadily improve their schedules. People who can manage their time will be more predictable and orders, so they won’t return to their past addiction issues. If a person is already well adapted to their schedule, it is less likely for them to venture out and they may remain addiction free for a long time. If you invest on managing time, it is less likely for family members who have addiction problem to suffer a relapse.
  4. Be patient and trusting: During the recovery period, it is important for us to be patient and observant. A person who has addiction issues should maintain a proper routine. Someone knows when he/she is not being trusted. Some people with addiction problems tend to have criminal tendencies by stealing things inside the house to fund their addiction habit. When you are being sincere and trusting, it would actually deter someone to act improperly. They will find it very difficult to violate your trust.