Self esteem is essential for personal happiness, social success and academic achievement. Self esteem can act like armour that protects us against external attacks and threats. If parents want their children to reach full potential, self esteem is one of the most crucial tools. With self esteem, children can overcome any negativity in life. It is more likely for them to have self worth and personal independence. If children have self esteem, they will make positive connections with their mind and can visualize desirable outcomes. Self esteem can unlock wonderful powers that support children in any situation. Children should be able to respect their own values and achieve proper optimisms to gain their self worth. If children don’t have self esteem, they will be reluctant to try new things.

Parents could notice that their children have self esteem problem, if they often think negatively about themselves. If children are being over critical about themselves and they seem to miss out on the fun, then it’s a good indication of lack of confidence. Parents should always make sure that their children can develop unique strengths, belief and personality. Self esteem can help children to work through their problems and fully explore their feelings. It can be quite challenging for children to properly work through their problems. Self esteem can help them to be purposeful in their goals. If children have low self esteem, they actually need proper role model. As an example, if parents are imaginative and playful, children can try to follow that.

Inaccurate beliefs can happen due to low self esteem. There should be a feeling of self discovery, so children can find new things in their lives. They need to be respectfully aware about the role of others in their lives. With self esteem, it should also be easier to develop understanding, empathy and compassion to others. Parents need to discourage any flawed belief and they need to offer inspiration to other in healthier ways. Children need to get love and affection from their parents. They can feel more confident, if parents provide them with positive feedback. Proper self esteem will provide children with personal creativity. They will use motivation and imaginations to achieve many things in life. They will overcome challenges and practice creative solutions.

They should live in an environment that supports personal confidence. In reality, low self esteem can be caused by parents and other adults. If children are constantly criticized and ignored, they won’t feel confident. Children will be happy if they are valued, listened to, encouraged and praised. Children should understand their own self worth and embrace any challenge in life. Children with proper self esteem will not fear interaction with others. So, parents need to be aware if children appear to be uncomfortable in any social settings. Parents need to provide encouragement if children hate group activities. It won’t be a good thing if children continue to belittle themselves and can’t find new solutions. Parents should try to make sure that children will continue to develop well in all aspects.