Parents need to become role models that bring the biggest impacts to their children. Both parents have influence on how children will develop in the future. It is true that mothers understand girls better and fathers understand boys better, but regardless of the gender, parents are influential in ensuring that children become better persons. Parents should look for ways to become better examples for their children. They bring these children to the world and it’s their responsibility to provide education. Becoming great examples have obvious implications. Children often seek people who they can observe. It is likely that children will learn how adults behave, think, speak, walk and get new knowledge about their surroundings.

When children get older, they need to learn from the environment. They need to learn new behaviors, feelings and attitudes. They need to simulate the whole society. They need to use their mind and body to properly formulate knowledge. Children are looking to find new identity for themselves and they seek to become a perfect fit into the society. Without role models and supports from adults, this can be a challenging and daunting task. It is important for children to know how deal with difficult challenges and they need to be better prepared. Parents often need to deal with tremendous responsibility and they have duties to handle. If parents can become great role models, they should have a chance of survival, as well as thriving in the environment.

As role models, parents can shape children into better individuals. The society can teach them as well, but parents often have more influence on children. Parents and children often have time together, so they have distinct advantage in molding and nurturing children into good individuals. Parents should be able to set positive examples from the get go and they need to follow the right kind of behaviors. They need to learn quickly and do things based on constructive discipline. Children need to learn how to act in the most acceptable manner. Parents should know that children will exactly mimic them. By becoming role models, it will be easier for parents to teach children about good and bad things in life.

Children often wonder whether being a responsible individual is even possible in real life. However, if they see that parents can do that, they will be confident in trying to become responsible people as well. When children encounter situations that require them to be more responsible, they will do that. When becoming role models, parents should mix firmness with gentleness. Children still want to have loving parents, who can make them comfortable. However, comforting words and warm hug don’t teach everything. It is still important for parents to impose rules, so children will know what’s right and what’s wrong. By becoming role models, parents don’t have to become intimidating, overbearing and belligerent. When there’s potential conflict, parents should know how to defuse the situation by removing any potential negativity in the relationship. In the end, reasonable heads should prevail and goals need to be achieved.