Everyone wants and seeks to be valued. This is the basic intention of any individual, including children. The desire to be loved is more apparent among children and parents can see resentment, when they unintentionally ignore their children. Loving relationship between parents can children can be among their fondest memories in life. Helping, teaching and listening to children are not enough; parents should also know how to properly express their love to children. Many parents love their children dearly, but they may not know how to express it. The first thing that parents should do is to spend time with their children. Children should feel that they become the center of attention of their parents, more than their work and social circles.

By spending more time with children and paying attention to them, there will eventually golden moments that they will remember for the rest of their lives. By loving their children, parents can better their role as parents. They feel a sense of purpose and become more satisfied adults. Children should be treated like gold mine, which require focus and attention. Eventually, parents will reap bountifully from the relationship. It is an obvious fact that children always crave attention from their parents. In fact, children seek to please their parents and try to make parents proud of them. Children love their parents purely, without any string attached, so parents should do the same way. Love is the greatest power in life and it can literally change anything.

There are studies on how love could have an effect on newborns. When babies are coddled and given attention, they will experience less tension. They will grow up normally and there’s little disruption in their mental growth. In fact, severe social, psychological and mental issues happen only on children who get little or no affection from their parents. Children should feel that love from their parents is not conditional. Even if they make mistakes, children should still feel that they are being loved. Of course, babies won’t die of broken heart, but they could feel psychological pressure if they are being neglected. One expression of love is by providing constant support to children. Parents should know how to lift their children up.

Parents don’t always know how to provide encouraging and kind words. They need to learn on how to do that. Make sure that children feel that they are receiving genuine love from their children. Parents should show that they are proud of their children. This is a simple way of building self-esteem and self-confidence. Parents should work hard to build up their kids, instead of tearing them down. Parents need to work hard to become less critical and be more forgiving. This is especially true if children are making unintentional mistakes and failures. Parents can point out whey mistakes and failures could happen, so children can try to improve their situations. This is a good way of ensuring that children can improve. This will be an important thing that any parent should understand.