Bloggers earn a large sum of money from blogging. An important tip from a ProBlogger suggests that one should not be focusing on making money from day one. It is important to impress your audience first but one should have a strategy for their website to monetize it whenever ready. This article highlights the tried-and-true ways to make money from both new and already published blogs. Try these ways to profit by throwing in your arduous efforts.

7 Ways You Can Make Money from Blog

  • Take Action

Almost everyone who wishes to start a website has a general outline set for themselves. Only those who succeed actually take action and visualize their thoughts. Starting a blog can be challenging but this can be dealt with by careful organization and planning. Writing a blog involves the following steps:

  • Researching a topic
  • Niching down
  • Creating an editorial calendar
  • Choosing a domain name
  • Choosing an audience
  • Installing WordPress
  • Quality Content

The quality of content you post can make a meaningful impact on your website. Quality content can give your website a number of visitors to stick around. Along with that, it continues to generate traffic long after they are published. Quality content can make posters build and foster a stronger relationship with the target audience. The more they trust, the more audience will get back on your website for meaningful information. Lastly, this can position your business as an industry expert. BlogPakistan is one such blogging website that posts quality content and provides value to its audience. 

  • Social Sharing

The successful blogs today are all using social media platforms to reach a large sum of audience. With every blog posting, there is an option for the audience to share the blog with their friends, family, or colleagues on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. With over a billion users on Facebook and over a hundred million on the rest of the social media platforms, you can always attract traffic back to your website anytime. Another useful tip for social media coverage is by creating Fan pages or social profiles for each individual website. This will bring a unique following and in return profit. 

  • Mailing List

The real money comes from setting up a mailing list. With a mailing list, you can have your audience keep coming back to your website time and again. Setting up a mailing list is pretty easy. The real importance of a mailing list is that approximately 70 percent of the audience who visits your blogs may not come back again as easily forget or get distracted about sites they have been to before. There are softwares available for easy management of your mailing list. 

  • Product and Service Creation

In order to make money from your audience, product and service creation is another such method. There are different monetization methods available that are scalable. In product creation, you can create your own ebooks, courses, and products to generate business. This is mostly down after achievable a great following and brand loyalty. Experts can also offer online teaching and consulting services on their websites to grow traffic and monetize in the process.

  • Affiliate Marketing

To earn some income from your blogs, affiliate marketing is one of the best choices. Affiliate marketing involves recommending the services and products (both physical and digital) in exchange for some commission. It is usually a great way for informational and review-based blogs. Many companies offer referral programs to spread the word about their products making enormous affiliate marketing opportunities. 

  • Advertising

Having an advertisement space on your site is one of the easiest and simple ways. For on-site advertising, Google AdSense is one way to generate income. Every time a visitor clicks a Google ad, you can make money. Another way is through direct ad placements. This is most preferable for sites that have an increased target audience. 

Concluding Remarks

These are some of the proven ways to make money from blogging. Now it’s up to you to start taking an action and monetize your blog. Believe it or not, the effort is well worth the payoff.