It is a fact that many students do poorly and are failing in school. The feeling of frustration can be quite real and these can affect the performance at school. About 10 percent of students have signs of depression at different stages. They start to have problem completing homework and getting good grades. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, depression among young students can become a vicious cycle. Early symptoms of depression are enough to degrade performance at school. So, when students are failing, this will contribute to increase the depression. Depression is often associated with low self esteem and they have problem concentrating, because they are mentally and physically tired.
School is a big source of stress for many young students and they can be quite depressed about many things. There’s also social stress that requires students to do well educationally at school. It is important to make sure that students can pay attention and have the ability to focus. Parents can contribute by making sure that the condition at home is acceptable and students have enough rest and relaxation. Teachers should encourage these students to have more involvement in classroom activities. They can be assigned as moderator or other important positions in the activity, where they need to interact a lot with other students in the classroom. This could elevate the sense of confidence among young students and they will behave as normal individuals.
Teachers and parents should also help students to do their homework regularly. Completing homework requires commitment, because they need to do it every day. If students lack the motivation, energy and focus, they would easily fail. Being able to do homework will allow students to avoid feeling disinterested. Students with mild symptoms of depression should be rewarded for their efforts to make them feel more motivated. These students may have more difficult time dealing with stress, so they could start to avoid school. It is important to encourage teenagers to develop proper routines. It would be much better if the process can be automatic and smoother. It is also a good idea for parents to ensure proper peer relations.
Depressed students are often affected with social isolation, which could cause a cycle of depression. When students are withdrawn from their peers, they could become lonely and this will perpetuate the depression. Social support system should be helpful in allowing students to deal with depression. There should be some after-school activities that are designed for students who are affected with isolation problems. A mix of academic and social activities can become an effective cure for distressed students. When the rehabilitation process is performed, it is important to track the progress and make sure that students are getting better. This can be indicated by their willingness to participate in various activities, including competitive sports, skills enhancement programs and special interests clubs. Parents should understand about the interest of their children and let young students choose things that they want to pursue. When parents are too restrictive and seek to implement their own agenda, this could actually become the source of distress among your children.