Many parents are eager to ensure that their children participate in many after school activities, such as language, music, gymnastics and sports classes. However, over-scheduling could become an issue. It can be tricky to find a balance between school life and home life. In the end, it is important to ensure that children feel creative and fun. Parents may need to take a step back and give children enough room to move and breathe.

Once children go to elementary school, everything becomes much more academic and structured compared to kindergarten. Instead of playing and socializing, teachers emphasize on reading and writing. It’s a good idea to keep it simple and never over-extend children. Children should become more comfortable about themselves. As an example, they may enjoy physical activities better, so it is a good idea to choose sports-related after-school activities.

At second grade, your child is able to observe what’s going on around him or her. They start to seek to make informed decision on what after-school activities to choose. Parents can discuss with their second-grader child to determine the best after school activities. This will allow them to perform explorations and experimentation. The child can start to join musical lessons. Parents can recommend what instrument to choose and allow their children to be themselves.

When children reach third grade, they already become more social and they are interested more on interactions with friends. If your child is interested in sports, it is better to start focusing on team-based activities, so they can learn to do homework and good sportsmanship. If children are interested in arts, it’s time to focus on improving creativity and imagination. Painting and drawing are great for improving creativity.

The fourth grader is a transition period for many children and it is a good idea to choose activities that can boost confidence. It is important to deal with potential peer pressure that can happen at any time. Children want to do what others are doing. If children are particularly active, make sure that they have enough concentration, especially they should look for some extra help. If possible, it is also a good time to seek tutoring service.

At fifth grade, students have grown more and they should focus more on their academic career, as they are preparing to enter the middle school. For these students, social life starts to move to the forefront. It’s important to choose activities that allow them to improve social life. Family time is still a big priority, so it should be scheduled as well.

For students, middle school is a big turning point and they are no longer children. Parents should ensure to keep TV and electronics games to a minimum. Physical activities should become a focus and students can continue having an involvement in team sports, if they are willing to do so. Parents often think that they always have the last word. But, it is important to make sure to involve children on what after-school activity to choose.