A trip to Reykjavik is impossible without visiting one of many local SPAs. They usually spend much time in water, rejuvenating and enriching their skin with vitamins and minerals. Do you need some special care for your face and body? You should visit Iceland then. You can find the best SPAs in the world here and now! Reykjavik is full of spa hotels and centers to choose from. It is time to find the best beauty spot!

Get Around Reykjavik

Believe it or not but the best way to get from one place to another in Reykjavik is by foot. Of course, it’s suitable only when you are not going to go out of the city and stay in the downtown. Also, you can use tour buses when you are not good at driving or just don’t want to drive on unfamiliar. Tour buses are well-organized and always worth your money. There is one more variant! You can rent a car from Geysir in Reykjavik and build up your own travel plan without sticking to bus schedules and transport delays.



  1. Visit Reykjavík Asian Spa

This Asian Spa is situated in the Grand Hotel in Reykjavik. Looking for the wide range of beauty procedures and luxury surrounding, welcome to the city Asian Spa. The spa complex is consists of 6 big procedure rooms and a sauna with hot and cold tubes. You don’t need to take anything from home. They give you a bathrobe, a soft towel, and a pair of slippers. One more thing, if you book a suite in Grand Reykjavik Hotel, you’ll get a big discount for any procedure you like from the general list. If you prefer living somewhere else, just come to Grand Hotel and take spa procedures at a full price.

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  1. Visit Reykjavik Day Spa

This is a place you should visit when hunting for massages as the main beauty procedures. You’ll be amazed by the variety of massages. It can be a massage with ho stones or essential oils. If you wish you can try traditional massage or something for relaxation. The procedure may last for 20 or 40 minutes. Of course, you will be surprised that you can’t find any hot or cold tubes in the center. No worries, their specialization is massage. Besides, it is time to find a restaurant where you can get some aromatic tea after the procedure. Just step aside and visit one of numerous city bars and eateries near you.

  1. Visit Hreyfing Spa

This is a place for sport and beauty lovers. How is it possible to combine them? In short, this spa center is a joint project of the legendary Blue Lagoon and the Hreyfing fitness center. This is a unique place where you can get beauty and sport procedures at one place. You should know this is a luxury center with a modernly-equipped gym and all the necessary health care treatments including saunas, hot tubes, special waiting rooms for relaxation. Don’t worry, the range of beauty treatments is also long. It includes manicures, pedicures, face and body treatment, peeling and masks. By the way, the shopping center is near here!

Herbal Tea, Lemongrass, and Mint

  1. Visit Laugar Spa

This is another interesting place in Reykjavik that gives you much beauty and care. The sport treatment is represented by numerous fitness classes and a professionally equipped gym. The beauty treatment includes classic massages, face and body care procedures, relaxing bathes. There is a big pol where you can spend the rest of the day in a pleasant company. The territory is filled with cafes and cozy restaurants. You can get a big sale ticket for wedding or birthday.

  1. Visit Hilton Spa

Hilton Spa is comfortable situated in the Hilton hotel. The service is good and the personnel are pleasant. You can hardly find a better place to get some rest from work. You will forget about all your problems with a relaxing massage and warming spa. The spa is represented with a big pool, hot tubes, a herbal sauna, and an outdoor bathing. If you have enough money you can try a luxury spa treatment package. They use organic cosmetics only. Sure enough, they give you a soft towel and a bathrobe.

Reykjavik is a unique city where you MUST VISIT numerous beauty procedures. Of course, the local nature is very favorable for producing organic cosmetics. You can buy any of the bottles you’ve once used in the local shop. Reykjavik is the best travel spot for young and aged tourists who want to stay in a comfortable suite and eat tasty food in a good company. Do you want to save some money? Then, you should take the pack of procedures, not one. It will be cheaper than taking each of these procedures separately.