Today, an environmentally friendly vacation is not only a fashion trend, but also the opportunity to relax from the bustle of the city, from the ubiquitous people and of course from work. And this is not about stay somewhere in an impenetrable jungle or a hut at the end of the world, but rather quite comfortable conditions in eco-hotels, which many countries can now boast of.

If you are tired of the daily movement between home and work, then it’s time to arrange a short time-break, and go to one of the following eco-hotels. They are located in unique places outside the cities, so you can be calm, because nobody will disturb you.

Of course, you will need a suitable car to get to them. Rent Jeep Wrangler at and you can get where you want without any problems. Such a car has increased ground clearance and off-road features, and these are the major reasons to feel comfortable on any road surface. The good news is that you can pick up Jeep Wrangler and much more vehicles almost anywhere in the world, which will allow you to get to the right hotel no matter where it is.

So what hotels are perfect for the eco-style relaxing?

Hix Island House, Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is located in the northern Caribbean. Snow-white beaches, warm sun and amazing nature…what could be better for the full relaxation?

It would be a great idea to rent a Jeep Wrangler at and go there on vacation to one of the houses of the eco-friendly Hix Island House. It’s placed away from the bustling capital of the island – San Juan. Architect John Hix built these gray, slightly oddly shaped houses under the sprawling crowns of trees.

They are made from environmentally friendly, natural materials, and a strange shape is needed in order to benefit from the tropical trade winds blowing here. Electricity is provided by solar panels. Houses don’t stand close to each other, so you can easily forget that there is someone else in this eco-hotel besides you.


Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Resort, Costa Rica

Finca Rosa Blanca is an eco-friendly hotel located in the tropics on an organic coffee plantation. The building was erected by using innovative technologies and materials from recycled sources, and is also equipped with an underground electrical system.

The pulp of the coffee fruit, together with organic waste, is sent for processing into compost pits. The coffee pulp recycled here serves as fertilizer.

Organic vegetables and fruits grown in the private garden are served on the table. To support the region’s economy, only locals work at the plantations and the hotel.


Bardessono Hotel, USA

Even during the construction of the Bardessono Hotel in the Californian Napa County about 93% of the generated construction waste was immediately sent for recycling. The building itself is completely constructed from recycled materials.

The decoration of the rooms is made of recycled wood, while the roof is equipped with reflective materials and solar panels. To reduce energy consumption during construction, a lot of glass was used: huge windows provide natural light for 62 rooms.

All rooms feature tracking sensors that work to turn heating on and off. The lobby is decorated with a vertical garden. In order to save water and minimize its waste for irrigation of plants, a drip irrigation system is used.


Hacienda Tres Rios, Mexico

Hacienda Tres Rios is located in the jungle, in a place where 18 rivers at once flow into the ocean. The hotel controls the use of natural resources. All rooms are designed so that they are not exposed to direct sunlight.

A special compressor helps to reduce the energy consumption for conditioning – it’s cooled by water from a deep well. The hotel refused to use plastic and drinking water, thus only desalinated sea water is served to its guests. Hacienda Tres Rios spends part of the profit on the forest restoration program: 80 thousand trees have already been planted by this initiative.


Refuge du Gouter, French Alps

The eco-friendly Refuge du Gouter, located on a cliff, is considered to be the highest mountain hotel in Europe and one of the most environmentally friendly spots around the globe. The main material for the construction of the hotel frame was a tree: spruce, white fir and larch.

The facade of the building is protected by stainless steel sheets. The hotel is equipped with wind generators and solar panels. Their energy is also used to melt snow – the resulting water goes to household needs.


Soneva Fushi, Maldives

Soneva Fushi Ecological Complex is located on the private tropical islands of Baa Atoll. In order to feel unity with nature and forget about the benefits of civilization, the policy of “No news, no shoes” is in effect on the island, i.e. shoes are rented upon check-in. There is no need for it until departure.

The hotel doesn’t use plastic, and, like the whole island, it uses water in glass bottles, and the bags are made from environmentally friendly materials. Since 2008, waste has been sent to its own recycling center. As a result of processing, garbage is turned into fertilizers and biogas, while glass is used for creating building materials.