When a simple cup of coffee isn’t enough, a good energy drink is just what can help. That’s why you’ll find them everywhere.

Going to the gym for a high-intensity workout? Got an early morning meeting and you haven’t slept well the night before? Exhausted after a tiring day, but still have more to do? Got an exam in the morning and have to pull an all-nighter? In all these situations, you could either crash on your bed and give in to laziness and tiredness, or you could grab yourself the best energy drink and soldier on.

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However, what is the best energy drink? How do you choose one of the many options? Let’s find out.

Coffee vs. Energy Drinks- What is it About Energy Drinks that Make them so Good?

Anything that coffee can do, the best energy drinks can do better.

Wondering where that burst of energy comes from the energy drinks? Well, it’s all in the ingredients. The most common and essential source of energy in these drinks is the caffeine of course.

But doesn’t coffee contain caffeine too?

Coffee vs. Energy Drinks- What is it About Energy Drinks that Make them so GoodA Red bull has 80 mg of caffeine while a cup of black coffee can contain more than 200 mg of caffeine. While a can of energy drink contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee, it still delivers way more energy to the body.

That’s essentially due to the way caffeine is absorbed into our bodies. Coffee is devoured and drank slowly down due to the hot temperature and is also absorbed into the bloodstream slower than an energy drink. On the other hand, an energy drink is cold, so it can be gulped down, it also has a better taste, and just within 10 minutes, you’ll start feeling the buzz and more awake.

There’s nothing instant about that ‘instant’ coffee. For an instant flow of energy, energy drinks are your best bet.

What is the Best Energy Drink? It’s About More Than Just Caffeine

Given the number of energy drinks available in retail stores nowadays, you may wonder what’s the best energy drink for you. There’s more to an energy drink than the caffeine in it.

You can’t possibly try all energy drinks and choose the best, so here are a few ingredients that most of the best energy drinks should include:

  1. Taurine

Taurine is an amino acid found within the body and is also an added ingredient in energy drinks. It improves mental and athletic performance. So, if you’re heading towards the gym grab a can of energy drink that has taurine in it to exercise at your maximum capacity.

  1. B Vitamins 

B vitamins can convert food into energy. It aids the metabolic function of the body, is a source of nutrition and gives you a burst of energy.

  1. Guarana Extract 

This stimulant found in Venezuela and Brazil can help reduce fatigue, give an energy boost, and also increases thinking capacity. No wonder students stock up on energy drinks before exams!

  1. Sugar

Nothing energizes the body like sugar. This carbohydrate is one of the main reasons why you feel a rush of adrenalin as soon as you take a sip of an energy drink.

  1. Ginseng

Ginseng is an essential herb for the Chinese. It is well known for the antioxidant it contains and can improve brain activity, reduces fatigue, and relieves stress as well.

  1. L-carnitine

This is also an amino acid that can increase your metabolic rate, and deliver high levels of energy helping you focus better.

So, what’s the best energy drink for you? Before you decide, make sure you check that the drink contains all these ingredients.