I am sure that now you know my fascination for haunted towns no matter where they are, what tale they have or what their current state is, I am game for one. Ross Island was no exception. A journey to Andaman’s for me would have been incomplete without a visit to this ghost town. However, prior to we start highlights of Ross Island, I want to tell you truth behind a ghost island in the middle of the Andaman Ocean is truly ghost towns or not.

The end of the golden era of the island started in June 1941 when it was shaken by an extreme earthquake. Deep fractures were spotted in numerous buildings and reports that the island was sinking included in the troubles of the homeowners. The exodus began in earnest when World War II started. By the spring of 1942, the British had disbanded the chastening settlement and also deserted the island, preparing for a Japanese invasion. Shocked at the lack of resistance, the Japanese arrived at the island and also the Japanese Admiral took up residence in the deserted Chief Commissioner’s Bungalow. It is taped that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose also stayed in this bungalow when he went to Port Blair, in December 1943, where he lifted the Indian flag for the first time.

The Japanese army constructed many bunkers, which still inhabit vantage points on the island. Yet it had not been long prior to the victors turned into the beat and also the Andaman Islands came under British control once again. Japanese pressures surrendered to the British on October 9, 1945, after being beat in World War II. This time, however, the Chief Commissioner liked to stay at Port Blair. Rumors of the island sinking added to the decision and also Ross remained deserted. When feted as the Paris of East, Ross Island came to be a ghost town occupied by falling apart structures hugged by vines.

The haunting magic of the island threw me back in time, right into another age and time. I walked in the direction of the harbor with visions regarding the moment when Ross Island was bubbling with activity. Even as I set down on the seat of emphasis roots, deliberating the fate of the island, a stunning spotted deer passed me by. I got up from my reverie as well as walked down the charming paths shaded by the looming trees, advised on by the call of the peacocks. Indian Navy to whom it was turned over in April 1979 now maintains the island. The area is obtaining a facelift, with a brand-new population of about 350 deers and 70 peacocks living in the middle of the ruins as well as the greenery. You can visit this island during the day as well as have a look at the abandoned British quarters, an old church, and a couple of various other buildings as well as the stunning blue sea that lines it. A word of care – a visit to Ross Island will haunt you the rest of your life!

Top Places You Should Go To In Ross Island

01. British Colony Ruins

British Colony Ruins

Once called as the & Paris of East & during the British rule in India, The British colony ruins on Ross Island are a tip of the opulence enjoyed by Britishers while Indians had a hard time. A water distillation plant, ruined bungalows, a printing machine, a tennis court, a secretariat and also every other structure imaginable for a lavish nest. The Presbyterian Church and also a Pastry shop, which was rebuilt by Indian Navy, are the primary 2 tourist attractions of this ruined colony.

Famous for: British colony Ruins

Tickets: No tickets

Opening Timings: Open up day-to-day till sunset. Timings for Ross Island Memorial documentary are from 9.30 am to 9.45 am & 11.30 am to 11.45 am. Documentary on the Andaman Islands from 3 pm to 4 pm.

Period: 2 Hrs

Things to Do at British Colony Ruins

  • Ross Island Memorial documentary
  • Documentary on the Andaman Islands
  • Buy souvenirs in the bakeshop

02. Japanese Bunkers

Japanese Bunkers

Ross Island was occupied by Japanese during the year 1942 during World War II and all the British management buildings were ruined forcing the British to flee. The Japanese too like the British inflicted torture on the local Indian population here and killed numerous residents living right here. Subhash Chandra Bose check out to Ross Island during this time around did not help the many nationalists who were trapped right here by the Japanese. Japanese made use of Ross Island as a war base and built bunkers, a cannon holder and lots of tunnels around the Island which are still standing in great problem right here.

Famous for: Japanese occupation, World war II

Tickets: No access tickets.

Opening Timings: Open every day till sunset.

Duration: 2 hours

Things to Do near Japanese Bunkers

  • Take a directed tour to understand the history
  • Visit Farzand Ali Shop

03. Barren Island

Barren Island

To experience the glory of nature that might at times become wrathful, see the Barren Island, the only island with an active volcano in South Asia. The volcano-shaped island gives enormous interest as well as a question for travelers, who visit the island especially to capture what a live volcano looks like. Getting down on the island is not an option and also a round trip to here would take about 14 hrs from Port Blair. A visit here is suggested just for the genuinely adventurous and that want to see India’s only active volcano.

Famous for: Active Volcano, Isolation, and Adventure.

Tickets: Regarding 400 to 1000 INR person for a govt. approved traveler ship.

Opening Up Timings: Passenger ships every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Leaves at 9 pm from Phoenix Az Jetty, Port Blair and also come back the next day at 11 am.

Duration: 14 hours for a big trip

Points to Do around Barren Island

  • Snorkeling en route here
  • Scuba Diving (only for experienced)

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