Muay Thai has been recognized for a very long time as one of the most complete martial arts of all time. It was born in Thailand, under the light of Thai monks, and was taught in the early military schools of the country. For many years, it was reserved as a secret in their culture, but it is now available for everyone to learn. Muay Thai is completely different from many other martial arts and sports, as you will see, and it is by far the ideal type of exercise for weight loss, health and fitness.

The principles of Muay Thai are based on combining movements of your whole body in a quick succession. Instead of using mainly your upper extremities or lower extremities, you will use almost every articulation in your body and workout every single muscle in the same session. Thus, Muay Thai is an excellent type of exercise if you’re trying to achieve a body with an excellent proportion.

Another thing that makes Muay Thai one of the number one sports for weight loss is that it is not only cardio. Nowadays, we already got over the wrong idea that cardiovascular exercise is for weight loss and resistance training is for bulking up. Now we know it is not that simple. You should do some bodyweight exercises and some resistance training as a part if your weight loss strategy. That’s why Muay Thai combines them both in a perfect blend that will result in speeding up your metabolism without making your body look huge and disproportionate.

Muay Thai is also a great tool if you want to improve your physical and mental health. Physically, overweight and obesity are more than aesthetic problems, and sitting is considered now the new smoking. It is a sedentary behavior that’s everywhere and getting everyone sick. But if you increase your physical activity levels with Muay Thai, you will regain that health in no time. It has been found that practicing this sport reduces your levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. These molecules in your blood are responsible for atherosclerosis and may even cause stroke and heart attack. You will reduce your risk as you train your heart to do its work more efficiently and your lungs to handle oxygen more appropriately.

Another feature of Muay Thai as a martial art is that it contributes to mental health. It is not a boring sport you will practice and do it all over again every time. Instead, you will feel the excitement of learning new techniques and progressively more difficult movements. Suwitmuaythai with current document  is a good information of Muay Thai.

So, if you’re willing to take this ride, come to one of our training camps in Thailand and learn with our masters. We are devoted to teaching this wonderful discipline that has changed thousands of lives, and has the potential to change yours. If you decide to learn one of the most complete disciplines and the best sport for weight loss, schedule an appointment in our Muay Thai training camps.