The Misconception

Onion seeds are the tiny black seeds you may know as the Kalonji are not part of a common use vegetable, onion. It is a misconception that these seeds have belonged to the onion. Moreover, just like many other plants the plant onion seed also bears flowers. So, the onion seed has an association with onions that you eat almost every day.

However, onion seeds have an extended list of tremendous benefits for your health which Transform Diet has gathered for you. Similarly, it has been an essential part of Indian cuisine and has been recommended by the prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH) to eat daily. Now let’s explore why these tiny black seeds are so important for your health.

Onion Seeds-Properties

For a better health onion seeds are a great source because it contains:

  • Edible oil – 38%
  • Essential oils – 5%

Similarly, it contains:

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Fiber
  • Sodium

Moreover, from the nutritive point of view the onion seeds are also of great importance because they contain component including;

  • Fat- 36%
  • Protein – 21%
  • Carbohydrates – 35%

Benefits Onion Seeds Offers to Your Health by Transform Diet

  • It promotes the good health of the skin.
  • It reduces hypertension.
  • It helps in averting premature aging of hairs.
  • It also helps in Parkinson’s disease
  • It decreases morphine dependence.
  • It accelerates metabolism.
  • It also helps in treating epilepsy.
  • It helps in brain cancer.
  • It helps in colon cancer.
  • It also stops hair loss.
  • It protects against radiation.
  • It helps in breast cancer.
  • It works as a weight loss remedy.
  • It provides relief in sore throat.
  • It helps in preventing heart diseases.

Better Skin Health

Enriched with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins these seeds are highly beneficial for the health of your skin. Similarly, onion seeds help to trigger your immune system so that they can fight various infections and health problems. Moreover, these seeds are also having amazing effects in overcoming skin diseases including eczema and psoriasis.


If you want a significant decrease in your blood pressure or LDL cholesterol it is suggested to eat these onion seeds. These seeds are known as the natural remedy effective for hypertension.

Premature Aging of Hairs

If you want to avoid premature aging of your hairs use oil of onion seeds regularly on your scalp and give it a mild massage.

Parkinson’s Disease

Thymoquinone of these onion seeds can also protect your neurons from the toxicity related to Parkinson’s disease. For instance, if you are suffering from any nervous disorder use it regularly to get the maximum benefits.

Morphine Dependency

The symptoms of morphine dependency can reduce with the help of onion seeds. These symptoms include morphine tolerance, morphine addiction, and morphine intoxication. Moreover, people suffering from severe morphine addiction have attained maximum benefits of consuming onion seeds.

Triggers Metabolism

Now you can boost your metabolism just by eating onion seeds. These tiny seeds are referred to as the appetite or hunger controller that leads to a healthier and fit lifestyle.


The anti-convulsive properties of onion seeds have made these seeds very important for benefiting patients of epilepsy.

Brain Cancer

As thymoquinone are available in these seeds which are regarded as to encourage the glioblastoma cells’ death. Moreover, glioblastoma is the deadliest brain tumor now. Thereby, onion seeds are significant in fighting against brain cancers as well.

Colon Cancer

Enriched with anti-cancer properties, these onion seeds are very useful particularly, for the cells of colon cancer. Similarly, avoiding any side effects onion seeds work against colon cancer.

Hair Loss

Onion seeds are also very helpful for avoiding hair loss issues. The anti-fungal properties of onion seeds help in preventing scalp diseases and fungal infections that may result in hair loss. Moreover, the essential oils in onion seeds improve the growth of hairs and their nourishment.

Protects from Radiation

Onion seeds contain thymoquinone that can help in protecting your brain tissues when exposed to any sort of radiation. Similarly, any damage caused by radiation can also cure by using onion seeds.

Breast Cancer

Thymoquinone has been found to have a closed relationship with breast cancer. Moreover, this component reduces the growth of tumors in breast cancer. As onion seeds are rich in thymoquinone consuming a large amount can benefit a lot the patients suffering from breast cancer.

Weight Loss

You can reduce your appetite by consuming onion seeds. Ultimately, it will lead you to a decreased caloric intake. Thereby, it will result in weight loss.

Sore Throats

If you are looking for a good treatment that works effectively against many kinds of throat-related problems, onion seeds are the answer. Moreover, throat problems such as pharyngitis, swelling, tonsils, and coughing can resolve using onion seeds. Similarly, you cannot overlook the relieving benefits onion seeds may offer in sore throat.

Heart Problems 

The poly-unsaturated fatty acids in onion seeds help to level up good cholesterol. Moreover, this good cholesterol in your body will decrease the triglycerides level. Thereby, the overall blood cholesterol will maintain in your body leading to a healthier heart.